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Here we would like to inform that we are database management software developer.  The software that we can develop is database related.  The capabilities of the software is to manage data and information such as Student, Inventory, Asset, Patient, Salary, Member, Participant, Product, Vendor and Customer Management System.  We are also able to develop any other software that related to data and information manipulation exactly as your requested.

The software can be use for any company, organization, club and even personal usage.

Software features are save, edit, delete, filter, sorting, search, report (daily, weakly, monthly, yearly and ad hoc), picture/photo view, client server base database, barcode (scan & read) and any others as requested by you.

We will do our best to customize the software in order to meet your needs and requirements.

For those faced difficulty to manage and/or need to computerize data and information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Development Steps
1 Meet us for discussion.
2 Give us your Photostatted documents such as form, logbook, report and etc.
3 Tell us what are your needs, requirements and problems regarding above documents.
4 We will develop related software as request in 3 weeks.
5 After that, we will install that software into your computer and teach you, how to use it.
6 Then you use that software for 2-3 weeks. If there are any changes, just let us know and we change it for you. The changes will be email to you.
7 Repeat Step 6 until the software is suitable to you.
8 If there are no other changes, we will send full version CD to you.